10th Anniversary – Innovation & Change



Chi Xu, Founder & CEO of XREAL, offering valuable insights and a forward-looking vision on participating in MWC Shanghai.

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What impressed you most in the past decade at MWC Shanghai? Why are you coming to the event this year?

Hi everyone, I am Chi, founder and CEO of XREAL.
What really impress me at MWC Shanghai for the last decade is the consistently innovation,and that’s also the reason I came to this place this year like I came every year.

Its meeting with the leader、professional and those innovators around the world to discuss the latest innovation for the industry.

In your opinion, what is the biggest innovation and change in terms of your brands/products in the past decade?

In my opinion the biggest difference……umm for my company and my product is going from the early prototype that is boxy you know pricey to a more smaller form factor, easy to use, more affordable consumer ready product in Augmented Reality.

Carrying the spirit of innovation, in your opinion, what is a critical conversation the technology community should be having right now?

In my opinion, the biggest question we should think about right now is the privacy and data security .We’re witnessing the big transformation going from reality to the digital. And this getting massive data surrounding us on a daily basis. So how do we properly treat those data is definitely the key.

What can our audience expect to see/hear from your team at MWC Shanghai this year? If to use three words highlighting your booth onsite, what would that be?

So this year we are going from Nreal to brand new brand name XREAL.

And if there’s three words to describe our booth this year, I would be (say): young, bold and futuristic

So really looking forward to MWC Shanghai this year and hoping to see more innovations, you know with 5G and maybe more technology beyond。

See you in MWC Shanghai.

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