10th Anniversary – Innovation & Change



Zhang Yong, Vice President of SI-TECH Information Technology Co.,Ltd, offering valuable insights and a forward-looking vision on participating in MWC Shanghai.

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What impressed you most in the past decade at MWC Shanghai? Why are you coming to the event this year?

MWC is one of the most authoritative and influential exhibitions, in the field of global mobile communication which has a huge impact on the entire industry. SI-TECH hopes that through this exhibition, it can not only show the innovation ability and technical level of the enterprise, but also have an in-depth understanding of the development trend of the industry, so as to capture market opportunities and maintain its competitiveness.

In your opinion, what is the biggest innovation and change in terms of your brands/products in the past decade?

Looking back on these 10 years, the biggest change and innovation of SI-TECH, not just providing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other products for multiple industries, but the DNA of agile spirit has already permeated the company’s research, development, marketing, delivery, and management. It is our SI-TECH in the field of mobile communication to maintain competitive leadership and the key to continued growth.

Carrying the spirit of innovation, in your opinion, what is a critical conversation the technology community should be having right now?

We believe that what the mobile ecosystem needs to discuss most is how to industrialize digital technology empower the industry with digital technology and leverage the strengths of each industry to promote the development of digital economy.

What can our audience expect to see/hear from your team at MWC Shanghai this year? If to use three words highlighting your booth onsite, what would that be?

This year, we will show some new products in AI, computing power, PaaS, operators, government and enterprises and some new products in areas such as the digital economy. Then technology, professionalism and ecology will be your biggest feelings at the SI-TECH booth.

I hope the MWC Shanghai Exhibition goes smoothly.

See you in MWC Shanghai.

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