10th Anniversary – Innovation & Change

Redtea Mobile


Hui Jin, Founder & CEO of Redtea Mobile, offering valuable insights and a forward-looking vision on participating in MWC Shanghai.

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Over the past several years, eSIM is (the) area, we have been working on constantly, has gained more and more recognition and momentum.

I think a huge (extent) of credits goes to GSMA and this MWC show.

“When Redtea Mobile was established 8 years ago, we made ourselves aware to the community as an eSIM based MVNO.

At this point, we are glad and proud to make a bold move; we go beyond MVNO as a technolgy service provider, we ship end-to-end eSIM technology solutions to MNOs, MVNOs, OEMs as well as Service Providers.

“So, I would propose “collaboration” and “exploration”. So there are so many brilliant things ahead of us, like 5G, like AI.

I think each of us, in the community, can further lower our egos, and work together towards a broader world an incremental market that is fully digitalized.

“Being dedicated to eSIM for so many years, at the corner of its prevalance, we still find there are some missing component(s) that were not considered before, but turn out to be very critical.

That’s the thing we would like to demonstrate over the show.

We would like to highlight the product to be forward-thinking, unique, and elegant.
I hope (this) MWC show is a party of reunion and inspiration as “YOLO”, enjoy the show.

See you in MWC Shanghai.

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