10th Anniversary – Innovation & Change



Mark Lian, Leader, Technology Industry of Deloitte, offering valuable insights and a forward-looking vision on participating in MWC Shanghai.

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What impressed you most in the past decade at MWC Shanghai? Why are you coming to the event this year?

Every year, MWC attracts global companies to gather together to continuously renovate and showcase their respective innovations in next-generation information technology. We are pleased to unite top companies here to assist the construction and development of the mobile communication industry, and to witness and promote the changes of the times.

In your opinion, what is the biggest innovation and change in terms of your brands/products in the past decade?

If we use one word to summarize the innovation and change in the past decade, there is no doubt that “digitalization” is the focus of discussion and attention in all sectors of society, and is the driving force for a new round of economic upgrading in China and the world. Over the past decade, the digitalization wave has reshaped the division of labor in society. In the next decade, the sustainable development brought by the digital transformation of the whole industry will bring us more possibilities and let us arrive at the intelligent world of digital everything and internet of everything.

Carrying the spirit of innovation, in your opinion, what is a critical conversation the technology community should be having right now?

User-centered, low-carbon and environmentally friendly application scenario model as well as innovative product development.

What can our audience expect to see/hear from your team at MWC Shanghai this year? If to use three words highlighting your booth onsite, what would that be?

As a top exhibition in the field of mobile communications, MWC brings together cutting-edge technologies and talents from home and abroad. We look forward to seeing even richer technological innovations at this year’s exhibition, connecting technology with everything, expanding the boundaries of knowledge and releasing mobile vitality.

See you in MWC Shanghai.

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